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MARK 16:14-18 (Spirit filled KJV)

Pastor James Lottering was a member of the South African Police Service for 21 years and was assigned to the Occult Related Crimes Unit as Provincial Coordinator, Eastern Cape in July 1992 until 31 December 1997.

During this time he was appointed to assist in the investigation of Satanism, witchcraft and other supernatural occurrences which constituted crimes through these practices.

God took James to another level spiritually and placed him into the DELIVERANCE ministry to assist people who are bound, demon possessed and where curses and bondages have been placed on their lives to set them free through the blood and the Name of Jesus Christ.

James has been involved in the training up of Pastors, leaders and members of churches to do deliverances and to cause damage to the kingdom of satan. James travels extensively to do this training on invitation only.

The fear of having to face satan and demons within the church, has been a hair-raising experience and leaders have never been properly trained in this area of ministry, but God took James and taught him how to do deliverance in a simple and easy way, without the unnecessary manifestations taking place when casting out demons. The Bible tells us: “It’s not by might, not by power, but by My spirit, says the Lord!”

God has revealed to James how simple and easy it is to do deliverance, which the church sometimes fears. The vision that James has is to raise up leaders all over South Africa, Africa and the world to do what he does as to become a nightmare to the devil’s kingdom.

Ephesians 6:12 – “for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places!”

Businessmen and –women who are Christians are also coming under attack in the market place. The competition are consulting with sangomas, mediums, witchdoctors and other occult practices to curse the Christian businesses. Instead of the Christian calling on their spiritual leaders in the church, they also in turn consulting with the devil, which then opens the door and satan destroys their businesses.

Pastor James is a recognized authority in the field of deliverance in South Africa and has appeared on numerous talk shows such as TBN Christian Television and Radio and now recently on the national television show broadcast on SABC 3 – 3 Talk. As a result of this show on TV, he received calls from all over the country. He has also had interviews done by International TV Networks and the press.

There is such a need for this training world wide, that he has made himself available to travel. Pastor James is not a person who considers a demon behind every bush, but is very level headed and speaks from a point of personal experience. Pastors and leaders do not need to fear inviting him.

He is not on a “one-man-mission”, but also belongs to a church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa of more than 3000 members and is under the spiritual covering and fathering of the senior pastor, Pastor Jimmy Crompton. Pastor Crompton has been in the ministry for more than 38 years and has also fathered preachers such as Dr Rodney Howard-Brown and the Internationally well-known prophet, Kim Clement, as well as many others in ministry. Pastor Jimmy may be contacted at anytime for references to James’ ministry.

James’ ministry is interdenominational and is called “WARFARE MINISTRIES”. James can be contacted on e-mail: for any further information and bookings.

Luke 4:18 – “Jesus came to set the captives free”.

James is also registered with “The Council for counselors” in South Africa. He has a Diploma of Practical Ministry. Has a certificate for attending a course in HIV/AIDS counseling and is an Ordained Pastor at Word of Faith Christian Centre. He is also a registered Marriage Officer and a Commissioner of Oaths. Although he is an ordained pastor at the church, he is not on fulltime staff, to enable him to do a lot of traveling as need may be. He does not earn a set salary and lives totally by faith.

This letter is just to give a short description of my background and where I come from. Please click here to find a “PARTNER COMMITMENT FORM” for those of you whom God has laid it upon your hearts to support this ministry. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and also for your financial support.

God bless you all!!

James and Marie Lottering

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Denzile Reddiar, Durban

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